Hey there ?

As many already know, we’ve always been a small team that’s behind building a skincare platform with one core mission:

✅ Helping anyone in the world find the right skincare products for whichever skincare goals they have.

It’s been difficult for us to achieve this as a tiny startup, especially with limited resources. But as our community continues to grow with more and more people looking to us to help them in their skincare journey – we’re also now looking for some extra help.

? We’re currently opening volunteer roles to passionate enthusiasts and superstars who are open to dedicating their time to join us in creating the best future for skincare.

We have a range of volunteer roles available:

? Content Writers
? Skincare Editor/Curator
? Graphic Designer
? Product Designer/Manager

To find out more information and to apply click below ?


P.S. Please note that this volunteer role does involve you contributing a decent amount of time so please only apply if you are serious!

P.P.S We’re accepting people with all types of backgrounds and experiences, so don’t be shy to apply.