Hydrating Cleansing Tonic With Cucumber Extract

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Quick info:

  • Alcohol Free
  • EU Allergen Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Fungal Acne Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • UVA
  • UVB

Key Ingredients:

    Full Ingredients List:

    Aqua, Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Parfum, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol

    Analysis Report:

    Name Functions Acne Irritant EWG Score
    Water (Solvent)Solvent__1
    Glycerin (Solvent, Moisturizer)Solvent, Moisturizer__1
    PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Surfactant, Emulsifier)Surfactant, Emulsifier__3
    PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (Surfactant, Emollient)Surfactant, Emollient__2
    Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract (Plant Extract)Plant Extract__1
    Opuntia Ficus-indica Stem Extract (,Plant Extract),Plant Extract__1
    Propylene Glycol (Solvent, Moisturizer)Solvent, Moisturizer_32
    Citric Acid (pH Adjusters)pH Adjusters__1
    Fragrance (Fragrance)Fragrance_34
    Sodium Benzoate (Preservative)Preservative__1
    Phenoxyethanol (Preservative)Preservative__2


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